Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Discussion with the Boss...

SO yeah... Tuesday I finally broke down and told Darlene what the PMR doc told me about needing to find a less physical job. She listened and was very understanding and nice. She tried to make the usual suggestions, "what about Eric working", "what about stopping school and taking a full time office job", "you need to take care of you #1", "your health needs to come first". But in the end, she and I both were stumped on how to make this work... So,I guess it will be a wait on an answer from God!

But how long do I wait for an answer? Do I look for the answer and ask Him which one, or just wait for God to place it in my hands?

I need so much help, and I don't know where to start. God has brought me so far in the last two months, things that have taken most people 5 years to get an answer to, but I just feel like I am stuck in the middle of waiting for help!

I thought, well maybe I can just push it, just keep going one day at a time like I have for 5 years, but after the last two days at work my body really punished me for those thoughts...

I was supposed to work in the office today, but I had to call Renee this morning and ask to switch to Thur and Fri. Thank you so much God for amazing flexibility with that position. All day my head has hurt sooo much! And the lovely fireworks and floaters and blurring in my eyes, I had no desire to drive... Anyway, I won't bore anyone with the symptoms, no reason to whine over something I can't change.

I am a bit discouraged that I can't start PT/OT, or see the neurologist, or see my GYN to rule out a prolapsed bladder because we are totally out of money... I am very discouraged.

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