Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to work here I come!

Well, at least partially anyway. Do you know I had to use a calender to recount what has happened over the last few weeks... Definitly out of touch... Anyway, I have my official from work. The CNO, Occupational Health Nurse and my DON decided that patient care is not safe for either me or the patient. That is totally understandable and respectable. It would be very irresponsible of me to try to take care of someone's child with the way my brain is working.

However, they are willing to let me come back to the office position, just for the original hours that I usually work it, 12-16 hours a week, so that I can get some income, as well as not get so far behind in the education. I had sooooooo many inservices planned and in the working, and I bet those teaching them are like "Ugh, where's she go?" hahahaha Oh Well. As Victor used to always say "Se La Vie". So, Wednesday I will start back again, get the wheels rolling and see the smoke come billowing out from between my ears and see just how well my brain will work back in the real world. Right now it's barely surviving taking 4 kids to church, so we'll see how the hustle and bustle of work makes mends...

I'm excited in one way in that God has allowed me to start contributing again, but nervous in another that I have to be able to think again. It's amazing. I was always the "bookworm", straight A's, instant recall. Now I can't even remember a conversation with my husband half the time. So, yeah, it's a little scary to see how I will be able to handle it...

Will I be able to Think? That is the question.

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