Monday, January 25, 2010

One more day, One more post.

I didnt have the appt today that I was supposed to have. See, they gave me a reminder paper last week with my appt date as today at 1pm, only wthey actually made the appt for tomorrow at 1. No problem really, I can come tomorrow. I was just building my self up for it, and now it didnt happen. Move on I say though, right. Tomorow I will see a rheumatologist, who will have a whole new list of things to "investigate" and then the neurologist, who is going to say that the EMG was pretty much normal. I know that because I did have my appt with my Primary Care Doc.

I am just hoping it wont be a case of "dog chasing the tail" and it all be from the same problems found last year. Because if it is, and it waited until I have no job and no insurance to fix it, well, I am pretty sure the Docs in NY aren't going to take Texas Medicaid... Ha.

Oh well. I am grateful to have people who care and God who gets me.

The brain is rambling in my own head, so I'm pretty sure I may not have made much sense and its bedtime now... Update tomorrow when I do or don't know more...

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