Thursday, January 21, 2010

So what NOW????

In three weeks my FMLA ends... They had the official meeting today. HR, me, my two directors... To say that as of today I am finished with my eductor position that they have been allowing me to do because I can't meet the "physical demands" of the job, which required that I also be able to work with patients... They will "protect my position" until the end of these three weeks and "revisit" with me to see if there are any other options.

Pretty much, unless God decides to heal me in the next 3 weeks, I am done working on the 3rd floor nursing unit at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children as nurse educator and floor nurse...

Maybe God will allow the IS positon to open up, so I may could begin a 5 day a week job, in which I will destroy myself trying to go to school and do that at the same time. So, yeah, No options. Government disability? Well, sure, but if I even qualify, while waiting 6 months for it, we will lose the car, the house, the everything... So, ince again the pressure is squeezing the life out of me and I am going to do what I do best and give in to the pressure.

I often wonder what Job was thinking. They tell you that he remained faithful to God and never cursed Him, but what did he think? Did he get worn out and just plain tired of it?

God, when I said something's gotta give, I didn't mean for the world to give way out from underneath with no options...

But, I will be grateful and count my blessings. I am still walking. I am still talking, I can still see and hear. I will pray for those in Haiti, because right now they are far worse off than I am.

Thank you God.

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  1. I find it amusing that sometimes Christians forget about Job! They think if you're a Christian life is supposed to be easy. If you have some difficulty you must "not have enough faith." Well I think that is pretty silly if you read the Bible you can clearly see that believers sometimes are the ones who suffer most! While it stinks maybe we will understand the reason for it someday. That is the idea I keep getting lately; we might not know why we got stuck with all these problems while on earth but there is some purpose to it maybe only God knows. I hope you can make sense of all the changes. I start driving myself crazy when I think about how things "should" be as opposed to how they "are." At least you have some of us to share with and we will understand some of the things you are going through! Hugs to you and your family.