Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time Out to Pray for a Friend

I wanted to take a moment, and pray for a friend. Their family has been through so much. I have only known them for a short while, but I feel like God has brought us together for a reason. Right now she is fighting for her life, fighting so very hard and she is so very tired. I know God has a purpose for her, whether it is for in this life or in her legacy, she is an amazing girl who has fought. I am praying for God's perfect peace for her. Peace and rest and love. God's rest is the most perfect I have experienced it once, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It's you and God in that time, no one else, no distractions, no noise, no pain, no emptiness, no isolation or desperation. You and God. You and God. Perfect peace, He holds you like a father does his daughter when she is hurting, only His Hands take away your hurt. Even if it's just for that moment in His presence, it goes a long way. God I pray for Your perfect peace for her right now, meet her where she is, even if she can't tell everyone else what she is feeling right now, You know. You know how she hurts, where she hurts, where she is tortured and You alone can take away that pain and wrap your loving warmness around her. Hold her and give her perfect rest so that she may wake up WAKE UP renewed and refreshed and ready to fight to live. Wake up ready to fight to live. Live. Breathe, in and out, peace and love, rest and comfort, in God's arms right now, because tomorrow is a new day and you will wake up ready to breathe, ready to fight the good fight and ready to take back the life the enemy has stolen from you! God hold her so close that when she wakes up she can testify of your great love. She can tell her mom that you held her close and didn't let her go so her mom may be at peace too...

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