Friday, May 28, 2010

Doctor's Appt Today

I'm nervous. Tired. Nauseated. In pain and ready for this to very much be over. I'll post the results of the appt on this post later...

Yup. Same as usual. I love my doctor. She's great. Drew some blood to test for Cushing's, although I think she did it just to appease me because that's not really how you test for Cushing's... She just said "if the random blood level comes back high we'll do the 24 hour urine test..." Oh well, at least she's willing. And of course I got the carbohydrate lecture. Although I would really like a better idea on how to avoid carbs when I can't swallow much else... Everything that is easy to go down is super high carbs... Oh well to that one to. Just started counting like she said and we'll see how it goes...

Thank God she gave me some phenergan for the nights of throwing up and nausea!! I slept until 12 noon today (that hasn't happened since before Nikki was born)... And she thinks the stomach stuff is just from gastritis from meds... I'm not so sure about that one. It doesn't feel like gastritis but after a couple of weeks we'll see if the meds work or not.

I am very grateful to just have someone who cares.

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