Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogs for Doctors?

Sometimes I wish I could create a totally separate blog for my docs to read. For some reason when I have an appt I never tell them everything. I forget, or somehow I get caught up with one thing. Today I was trying so hard to describe to her what I felt, but all I could think about was the symptoms at that moment. I remembered a few things here and there, but everyone with a chronic multisystem disorder knows that there are so many, and the one you forget to tell them could be the one that is most important... It makes me want to audiotape every time I feel something like when a journalist takes notes. Then I could just replay it to her in the office. =) She drew a lot of blood today. And of course I got the usual: it only makes sense that you have EDS and mito disease... When will I give in and realize that EDS and mito disease are my answers? Denial can be a cruel way to keep yourself going, because I am pleading to God to not have to live like this for any length of time. At least with denial I keep looking, keep the hopes alive... Of course denial prolongs the moving on... I need the moving on... Sooner rather than later.

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  1. OMG! I can TOTALLY relate to this Trishy!! As a matter of fact I just had this experience the other day with my sleep doc! lol I hope you are well and I will chat with you soon on fb! :)