Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All in a Day's Work!

Today was a very full, but overall successful day!
First thing's first: I had to pick up my traveling buddy and friend and sis, Chelsea. We did a lot of laughing! I forgot how good it feels to laugh and hate how much my head hurts after a good belly buster!

First on our agenda was a stop at the Cardiologist office. Dr Johnston was a great doctor! Very thorough, ears open, and overall I was very impressed by their office! It was fast and efficient and they were willing and able to start all the tests then and there. I had an echo (ultrasound) of my heart. It was a beautiful heart! No problems with valves or the aorta! Wonderful! Then he went ahead and had them put a holter monitor in place for 24 hours, hoping that it will pick up the palpitations and racing heart. He said hopefully the 24 hour test will show what it need to, and if not then he may have me wear it longer. So, for 24 hours I am having a constant EKG of my heart.
Next up: starbucks!!! We interrupt this regularly scheduled stop to Starbucks to announce that my 2008 van decided to die in the middle of driving... Awwww. Really? Yup. Coasted into the parking lot of Monarch Dental, shut it off, restarted it, drove it around the parking lot... Called hubby, called road side assistance, as hubby is stranded at home with 4 kids... Didn't want it towed, it still ran... Ok, what next. Oooh Chelsea has a great idea: a drink and cookie from Panera Bread... Ok, refreshed and charged, what now? Drive to dealership, hubby had already set up for rental car, everything covered under warranty! THANK YOU GOD!!!!
Get rental, drive... We apologize for interrupting your no longer hassle free day, thanks for tuning in...

Ok, Appointment number two and an unplanned long day for Chelsea, was the genetic office! I have seen so many posts and plea's from people needing help finding a geneticist, well, God found one for me!!!! So, if you are near Dallas, look up Dr Maher with UT Southwestern! He is very knowledgeable, did a very thorough exam, and a even better history! He took the time to explain everything to me, even though he knew that I am a nurse who came in with knowledge of EDS!

Soo... Drumroll please.... I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome--Hypermobility type. He was very positive that I did not have symptoms for the vascular type, which is a breath from God! Thank you Lord! It's official, down on paper, not just a thought in my mind anymore. You don't know how great that feels! That someone understood me! No, I am not crazy, I'm not a hypochondriac, I don't have Munchausen!!! I do have a very logical reason for being in so much pain, and now it is time for God to direct me in picking the pieces back up. I'm near rock bottom, but God is the light at the end of my tunnel!

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