Sunday, June 7, 2009

Everyday at Work is a Little Harder...

Every single day that I walk off of that unit, I do it feeling a little worse than I did the shift before. The crazy thing about this whole mess is that the symptom that plagues me the worst one day may be totally different the next time I work!! Today I had a very hard time holding up my head.

No, seriously!

It was like an act of congress to get my head to stand upright so I could look forward. It reminds me of that old man, you know the one you see in church that just can't stay awake. He holds his head up and just when you think he's good, oops, backward it goes. Or that poor toddler in the carseat who's falling asleep and, "wait for it...and flop, ohhh, that had to hurt..." Haha. Why do all my metaphors involve people sleeping? Are You trying to tell me something God?

I wore the collar a lot today at work. It's kind of disturbing wearing it at work. Like I don't belong there if I have to wear a C-collar... Once again I think God is trying to tell me something...

I had a lot of big "shivers" today, for lack of anything else to call it...
Oooh, here's one I haven't had in a while--- my face. It feels tingly all over. And not like the fresh in the morning face wash type tingly...

Noooo, it can't be that pleasant... Like the
"oh dear God my legs are waking up from an epidural, get the creepy crawlies off of me" tingly...
Imagine that all over your face throughout the day...
I wanted to rub my face off.

Blurry vision and headache move over there's a new misery in town. haha.

How in the world can a person have so many different symptoms that come and go like the tide?

I don't know how much longer I am going to make these twelve hour shifts. You do what you gotta do I guess.
I'll keep smiling when random people ask me how I'm doing and crying when I am alone.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more positive warm fuzzy feeling! =)

TTFN! =)

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