Friday, July 10, 2009

Thanking God for Dr. Roberts!

I have never had an easier time of getting a referral than with Dr. Roberts!! I love her!! She is my son's developmental specialist because he had a few hiccups in his development. She and I have been playing phone tag all month, since I decided to let her know about the recent EDS family discovery... Josh had some delayed development in motor skills when he was much younger, which have since resolved, but in all my research I discovered that delayed motor skills is an early sign of EDS.

So, as we finally decided to quit playing phone tag and got down to usiness I described to her how I came about the diagnosis, and how Nikki has seen her pediatrician and referred to TSRH for her joints and then all about Josh's clumsy boy self!

She wants me to bring him in for an appt in August and then this week she is going to make the referral to a pediatric geneticist!! Yay!!!

So, I feel like I am one step closer to getting the questions answered about my kiddos!!

Thank you God for making up for my disappointment yesterday!
I got a lot done today! I have an eye appt next Thursday, just so i can tell the next neurologist that I saw an eye doctor and what they said.

OOH,OOH, I registered for three of my classes at TWU!!! I am so excited! And I registered and bought the book for the last prereq that I needed, which started 3 days ago... So, back to school I go!! It's a pure miracle of God that I made it through the last semester I attempted... I was for sure that I would not do well in the microbiology class... Yay for the grace and love of God!!
Ugh. I have petechia al over my abdomen from the leads and itchy places they left... Arg! Anyway, God will get me to where He wants me with all of this, and I will learn to be patient and just wait for Him... It's a very long hard lesson!!!

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