Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amaze Me!

I am amazed at the level of care we give our patients here at the Scottish Rite Hospital. We treat them like they our own children. If they cry, we cry. If they laugh, we laugh. And we get down to business and make them work for recovery just like any wonderful parent would. Our hospital is a one of a kind. Those complicated, controversial cases, that no one else would touch, we take them under our wings and make it work by the Grace of God! I love it.

Sometimes I wish for an adult Scottish Rite Hospital.

Our wonderful Nurse Practitioner, Becky, who understands many of the issues I am having, referred me to a great urologist! I couldn't imagine describing a visit to the Pee doctor as great, but she understood, and was so willing to go out of her way to help me!

So, Dr Insinga at TCI said in order to have the tethered cord detethered I had to have a prolapsed bladder ruled out as the reasoning for all of my urinary symptoms (which includes frequency, urgency, stress incontinence, pain with the urgency, getting up to go in the middle of the night, etc...). Dr Isom-Batz said I do have a small prolapse, but not one severe enough to be causing the symptoms I have. She said the tethered cord probably is not causing the stress incontinence, but it is causing the rest of the symptoms. She also said I have a prolapsed uterus (sorry guys...). Said eventually I would have to have my uterus fixed (ie: taken out)or it will prolapse the rest of the way... Ugh. What a mean thought!!

Anyway, Dr. Isom-Batz was so personable and said she is going to contact Dr. Insinga with the official decision and talk about the detethering of my cord before she does any urological surgeries. In the meantime I am starting on Vesicare, just to see if it helps the symptoms. She said if it were truly neurological symptoms the vesicare won't help any, but we could at least say that we tried that route, and it will be one more piece of evidence in favor of a detethering.

I have had some worsening of the neurological symptoms, well, I don't know if it is worse, or if I just know how to put a name to it now. To add to the list I have a total numbness that comes on when I stand up. My whole bum (hehe she said bum...) and pelvic region, and the whole backs of my thighs goes completely dead. I can smack it and not feel it...
I have noticed a big trend too... Everytime I have that horrible can't wait urgency for bowel and bladder at the same time, I also have tingling and numbeness down my legs and feet and back pain at the same time... Can we say Tethered Cord??

=) Thank you God for understanding and grace and favor!

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