Friday, November 27, 2009

But I Couldn't resist!!

I so knew I would regret chasing Chelsea down the street yesterday!!!!! Oh yeah! Whipped cream fight, and I said forget it! I ran a very short, but very fast 40 yards and now I am regrettttttinnnnngg!!!!! Oops. Hips clicking and popping and ankles feel like they are burning. Oh, and we won't even go into the spine and neck and head......

Hahaha. Oh well. It was Thanksgiving! Everyone deserves to chase their sis-n-law down the street with some whipped cream on Thanksgiving!


  1. sounds like fun!! :) and of course you couldn't resist!! LOL

  2. This post made me laugh out loud - always an odd experience when sitting alone in a room. I am so pleased you had fun!!!! Much deserved - the happiness shines through the words. Treat yourself to a long hot soak with special bubbles for the pain and think of the endorphins released whilst running with whipped cream!! Take care.