Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I figure if I make a list of what I have to be thankful for then the things that I really want to despise will be a little less apparent!

1. I have been married to the man I love for 10 years, and on Feb 29th 1996 he told me he loved me.
2. All of my children are alive and blessed. They all love God.
3. We are renting a house with a backyard that the above mentioned little people can play in! haha
4. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children is willing to work with me in the middle of my medical mess and let me work some!
5. God brought to me wonderful doctors who are doing their best to get me functional again.
6. I will be able to teach my kids how to live with this and not suffer through it.
7. I am alive.
8. I have a good strong heart.
9. I can still walk! =)
10. I can make some mean chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

11. I grew up near the Ocean. =)
12. God has BIG plans for my family.
13. 14 years and 60 pounds heavier, Eric still loves me.
14. When my brain is functioning, God gives it great ideas. The kind that make changes.
15. We have a new couch and chair and rug (Thanks Timothy and Claire), well semi-new, but still thankful.
16. There are people in our lives that listen to God, recognize our needs and love/help us even when we don't ask.
17. God is changing me, shaping me, and will never leave nor forsake me.
18. We go to an amazing church where God dwells and shows up just in time.
19. Nikki got saved last year.
20. Nikki is going to be a strong person despite her weak joints.
21. We have two vehicles (even if I can't drive one right now, I WILL drive again!!!)
22. My son is alive, growing, smart, and God fulfilled His promise and answered our prayers to make it so!
23...... Ok, I'm getting tired.............

I have so much to be thankful for.

Even the negatives will be a blessing one day.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    You deserve a medal for your stoicism - it humbles me that whilst experiencing such adversity you endeavour to remain positive. I am afraid I would be inclined to complain & moan an awful lot more than you.

    On last post - I am so sorry you had such a torrid time, I sincerely hope that the results help the medics to help you.
    Take care.