Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gipped on the 3-D...

So here's a new one! Might be kind of funny actually. Eric and I went to se Avatar in 3-D in Christmas Day. Lo-and-Behold... I can't see the 3-D...

Usually.... when I go to the movies (regular ones) with Eric the screen is just a little fuzzy.

So... With the 3-D glasses on the screen was crystal clear... Where's the 3-D? No leaping off the screen, just a beautiful picture and a major headache 30 minutes into the movie. It was a beautiful movie with graphics and color though.

Anyone else had this?

My husband didn't understand that I couldn't see the 3-D part. He put on the glasses and said they work just fine.

Anyway, just another curiousity...

I cleaned all of the kitchen yesterday. Here lately I have been taking it in blocks, doing small bits so I don't get tuckered out and dead by the end (not literally...) But yesterday I pushed through the pain, pushed through the freakishly fuzzy head, kept scrubbing when my arms were burning and I thought they were going to fall off... I thought "if I just get it done..." But today, I really understand the spoon theory myself. I feel like crap. Like in the cartoons when the anvil falls on their head. And today, still the kitchen needs to be cleaned. Again. Never ending cycle of guilt, responsibility, pain and utter inability to be who I need to be. Its disappointing.

I am disappointed in myself that I can't get it done, and done right.



  1. I love going to the cinema (think you call it the movies) but it doesn't like me. Other's get annoyed at my wriggling and need to uncrunch everything. My hip gets stuck and I have an awful tendency to have mild attacks of echolalia (sp) I have always done this, copying little phrases out loud or accents that appeal. Its ok in the home and family are used to it but causes major annoyance in public.

    I am fascinated by the 3d issue - so much so may google to find out more. I get a little overwhelmed in the cinema as everything is sooooo loud and can't really get the hang of the 3d glasses. I thought it was just me!

    On the cleaning front - my house post xmas is very very very untidy. with a great big capital V. Trish i really wish someone would send you on a pain management course - I know I know I nag. Its just that they really help to put the stuff like pacing and housework into perspective. If it helps the overdoing it then paying for it is not exclusive to you. I think all EDSers do it.

    Thinking of you this week. Sending virtual support as always.

  2. My doc talked to an eye doc about it and she said the not being able to see 3-D and the normal fuzziness is from optic nerve compression and eye muscle weakness. Said the 3-D glasses repolarizes what my eyes have depolarized and I could look into repolarizing lenses, but that they are very expensive. Thanks for the insight. I know pain management should be next on the list, but I can't seem to get there yet. I see a new neuro who specializes in neuromuscular disorders on the 6th then rheumatology on the 26th. I do the "repeat phrases" thing too. Thought it was just me being me, didn't know it was an actual issue. I keep getting this nagging feeling like I need to call back the Chiari Institute and talk to them, but I haven't gotten that far yet either. I'm just trying to get through the next day. I'm lucky to remember what my husband is doing one day from the next... Thanks though. I'd rather hear nagging from people that understand than "encouragement" from someone that has no idea...