Friday, January 29, 2010

New low...

I know I posted before about how the doctor and therapist want me using a walker with attachments for arm rests instead of the cane...

It was delivered today... It feels like a new low. It may take me a while to drag myself into using them. Maybe a few really bad days and I'll appreciate it, but right now I look at it like it's a steel alien invader... It's hard to maneuver anyway.... But it feels so much easier on my wrists and arms and hips than full weight on one cane on one side..... Grr.......

Another new low, an even lower low... A shower chair... They delivered a shower chair... I can't wait to see the look on Eric's face when he sees it! hahaha. Oh well. Maybe it will help. Thank you God for having the opportunity to have the equipment I need to get around.

But still, it still feels like a step backwards......


  1. Oh, sorry your in so much pain...If I couldn't sit in the tub I would have a shower chair too..I never knew they had arm things for walkers. Hope you have a great weekend and the pain subsides.

    Hugs and Prayers,

  2. I expect your husband will love the shower chair. To sit down and shower sounds like a man's ideal world!! I agree about the walker. Although on a cognitive behavioural front, perhaps seeing it as a freedom enabler rather than a horrid ugly 'thing' may help.

    Why they have to make these things look so awful I don't know. Such dreadful colours. Perhaps livening them up with some personalisation would help you feel less down about their use. There are some good sticker thingies that could go on the shower chair I think available. All manner of other things spring to mind with the walker.

    I think some of it is to do with what on the whole is an invisible disability and when we have to start using 'stuff' that others can see it means we have to start to explain about it all which we are not used to doing.

    A big fat sign with I have Ehlers Danlos google it don't ask may work!

    Jokes aside Trish. I know how you are feeling and its just a horrible way to feel.

    I was given this 'thing' called a perching stool for use and we had to get rid of it as the legs stuck out so much I spent much of my time having bad proprioception falling over and hurting myself on the legs which were at an odd angle we decided it was actually dangerous!

    Perhaps after a little personalisation these objects won't seem so alien! I hope so for your sake. The shower chair will help with falls though and pain etc. so I hope you get to use it. Perhaps in a way after husband gets used to seeing these aids around it will help him come to terms with the fact you do need more help.

    Massive virtual hug for you today. xoxoxox