Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did Doctors Know What They were In For?

Sometimes I think that might go through God's mind every once in a while... "Do these doctor's know what they are getting into?" God designed this body to work together, and the environment around it meant to be support for it. Any change in any one part of this system is sure to affect the other parts.

I think when doctors do research and make "discoveries" that God looks at it like another complication. I can imagine Him saying "Oh boy, do they even realize what this means for them?"

It's amazing how in the medical field its all about the "science". Prove it they say. But when it comes to treatments and many diagnoses there are no "proven" scientific basis... It's pretty hypocritical sometimes. You hear stories of how patients are bounced from one doctor to another because they don't believe that their symptoms are real. They want proof. But yet, at the same time they will diagnose someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Where's the proof in that?

Anyway, it's more of a pet peeve of mine than anything. One of the physicians I work with said to me last June, "Prove you have EDS. Do you have stretchy skin? Do your joints come out of place all by themselves?" And now that I have the amino acid assay back from the dr. I just want to take it to him and say "I am missing Hydroxyproline. That amino acid is responsible for the structure of collagen. Without it collagen is weak. Is this enough proof for you that I have EDS, even though my skin is not super stretchy?" I really want to say, "it's a good thing you are not my doctor." Ok, maybe its more than a pet peeve. More like a deep seeded need to prove myself. Why does the medical world need DNA proof that a duck is a duck. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, well, maybe it's a duck... And of course to contradict my own self, there are those cases that look so much alike, and they are so very different. But, what is the problem with testing for everything to eliminate? Why do we have to do it one diagnosis at a time until the clock strikes midnight and we run out of time to test? Grrrr.

I am rambling. My brain is not being very nice to me today.

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