Friday, February 5, 2010

I really should be doing schoolwork instead....

Haha. Don't you like that title?
That's right... I have 2 assignments due Monday by 8 am. Everyone who loves me knows that I am a horrible procrastinator, and then the pressure gets to me, I buckle down and "get'r dun"... I should have started on the assignments a week ago, but my books just came in a couple of days ago and my mind has certainly been on a million more important things... Like the potential and likely loss of the job I love causing a great catastrophe in our finances and the disappearance of my excellent insurance coverage.... But, at the same time, any professor can look up my blog and know that I could have spent this time devoted to the assignments... Ugh. No. My brain does not want to do the work right now. It's revolting, like a separate person picketing the very thought of reading a textbook about nursing management.... I'm not so sure it is safe to attempt an assignment at this moment anyway, since it seems that I am under the influence of a narcotic and an anti-convulsant, which doesn't seem to mix well. Have you ever seen an animal who is in the last stages of rabies? They wander around with a glassy look in their eyes and their tongues hanging from their mouths and do exactly opposite of what you would expect a rabid animal to do. Yeah. That's me right now. Wandering around the house. Can't remember if I just woke up or have even eaten. Not that I want to eat. Ugh. The very thought of food creates this churning sensation in my stomach that leads me to believe that the next step would be stumbling into the bathroom and hugging tightly to the white cold porcelain creator of swirlies...

This burning searing pain on my thigh isn't exactly a great motivator for the school work either... I have also since discovered that my core temperature today has been hovering around 95.9-96.1F leaving me cold and clammy, trembling and cuddled in my blanket given to me by my most excellent husband. This odd feeling is not like being "cold" that you would feel if you were out in the snow for to long, but a sense that body functions will shortly shut down if you do not get warm soon. Eskimo here I come... Unfortunately I am not cold blooded like the many critters that share this property with us, which means if my core temperature reaches 95.0 F I would be considered as having hypothermia and would require moderately quick internal and external warming via blankets and a warm lavage. Hmmm. Oh well. Fluffy blankets it is. How can a brain possibly concentrate on 2 assignments when it is that cold? hahaha. excuses are plentiful right now.

Ultimately I will procrastinate one more day and not complete either of the assignments today because I feel like dookie. Could you imagine using that in the 8th grade? "Why didn't you do your homework?" .... "Um, well, because I felt like dookie...." Oh, yeah, they still used paddles in those days... =)

So, if you are looking for a status update here you go: Muscle biopsy was yesterday, my leg is still draining a bit, it hurts like the dickens, I am exhausted, cold, nauseated, dizzy, spinning in circles, confused, drugged, weak and procrastinating all other necessary tasks because I can. haha.


  1. Just lost a massive comment which has really pissed me off a LOT. It was about epilepsy meds as well and now my hands are too sore to type it all out again. I may try again tomorrow. In the meantime - sorry you are having an awful day. Sincerely wish things could get better but I do genuinely believe things can only get better! Sending good wishes and positive thoughts through the wibbly wobbly web. Take care Trish. Sorry about the swearing I would have more but am trying to respect your religious convictions so with that in mind I have left out just HOW fed up I am about losing the comment!

  2. Hahahaha. You're so funny. I'm sorry you're really pissed off. That's not really swearing in my book. Hehe. It really hasn't been an aweful day, I just know that I have so much to get done and I am rebelling!!!! I won't do it!!! haha. How is your family?