Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow It's been a While...

I haven't posted in a long time. At least it's a long time for me!! Hahaha.

I saw the rheumatologist today. She said my hip x-rays were normal. You know, I always wonder how much can radiologists actually be trusted... Things retroflexed odontoids and others are "mildly abnormal" to radiologists, and they don't include them in the reports. So maybe they have been so desensitized by the larger more serious problems they see on film that the smaller ones get forgotten. Like cursing. The first time a kid does it its embarrassing, different sounding, unfamiliar and foreign. But after a while they become accustomed to it. I know there is absolutely no way my hips were "normal" because the right one was so difficult to put in the "right" position for the x-ray. Anyway, whatever. I have the intention to get a copy of them myself to take to someone else when they get bad enough. Oh well.

My labs came back, no Rheumatoid Arthritis, but some labs indicated a fair amount of inflammation. Of course there's no way to pinpoint what it's from. She's just waiting for the results of the muscle biopsy like the rest of us... Speaking of which, I do wish it would hurry up...


  1. Patience is a virtue they say. I am not patient with the small things in life, my son says 'chill mum'. The very words make me curse! The big things, like the possibility of winning the lottery I am very patient indeed. Finding out the results of medical tests are something I hate to wait for and have a habit of tuning out at the exact moment of explanation. I thank the medical professional concerned and ensure now that I am sent a letter of explanation. Apparently I had viral meningitis years ago now and only found out six months later by chance in conversation with my spouse. I preferred I think blissful ignorance!
    Distraction is good for waiting, particularly fine wine,good food & laughter.....

  2. I know what you mean about radiologists. My local hospital claimed my brain MRI was normal but you could clearly see Chiari, retroflexed odontoid, etc. etc. etc. I had to send mine out to some neurosurgeons who know about Chiari. Kind of scary if you think about it. Not everyone knows that you need to get the actual TEST (films, xrays, lab #s etc.). For years they'd say "normal" and I took their word for it! So yeah, second opinions are a must.