Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a sign in to say I'm still here... Still waiting...

Haha.. It was brought to my attention that I haven't posted results yet... Hahahaha. It's great to know that there are people in this world that know exactly what I am going through.... No results yet.. Of course when I was on the phone with my neuro office last week they did make mention that my doc would be "out of the country" and that I would get my results when she gets back. As much as I want to complain, she deserves a vacation or conference or whatever too, and I think it might be a bit much to aske her to schedule her life around my results! hahaha. But, sometime I wish it were that way... The medical field certainly is nothing near like an episode of House!

For a round of way to much TMI: I have had some stomach bug since Saturday. Thank you to my 3 year old son whom I nursed back to health for a couple of days while he had the same... I just pray it stays quarantined to him and me and doesn't see fit to prey on my other 3 or Eric!!! That would be VERY not cool!

School also got off to a jumping start. I am taking two classes online, but the first assignments were 10 page papers (before typing that is...) that involved legal issues in nursing and stuff that I know about, but do not enjoy one bit!!!! Thankfully I have a great instructor who is patient and enjoyed my hard work in a class full of one page lazies... Her words were that she enjoyed my paper and my "thoroughness" hahaha... Little does she know that my thoroughness came at a great price... Whatever it takes, right?

Want to hear something intriguing? Over 2 weeks I have been taking my temperature to see what it runs. Average? 96.5 Normal average? 98.6. The doc told me that I have temperature regulation issues... So here's good food for thought... If a normal person with an average temp of 98.6 runs a fever at 100.5 does that mean that I, with an average of 96.5 can be running a fever at 98.6? So this week when I first got sick and I was 100, would that be like the equivalent of 102? Interesting...

Want some more tidbits? I have heard a lot lately of EDSer's talking about Lidocaine and other numbing medications and them not being as effective, which is common knowledge in the EDS community, but not "scientifically proven" in the medical field... Grrrrr... Anyway, when I had the muscle biopsy done, the nurse gave me an injection of lidocaine on my hand to start the IV. It did nothing. I had no numbness, I felt everything. So is it really worth it to have a poke just to have another poke? Note to self.... Never do that again...
Thanks to everyone that follows me, it's nice to know that people are interested in what you have to say (and if you are not, well, I don't know the difference...) Hahahaha.

Have a blessed night, laugh a little and eat more Ginger snaps when you're puky. =)


  1. Hi Trish,
    Thank you for the update!
    Well it seems temperature regulation issues are not uncommon in the EDS community. I am exactly the same. Which means if I see a new GP they insist on testing over and over for thyroid problems. yawn yawn. My own GP knows that my core temperature is always low and understands. Therefore if I go and my temperature is a above the norm to him for me its the same as having a fever in the normals. This means that when I get out of the bath or shower despite having the house hot hot hot, I shiver and shake as my body simply cannot regulate its temperature. Often if it has been a really hot day as the temperature cools in the evening slightly I also shiver as though it had just snowed. I am jealous of those who can put a coat on when it is cold and that is enough. Me I am the incredible hulk wearing so many layers I look bigger than I am and still I shiver. Its such Fun I think having EDS never a dull moment.

    Yuck stomach bugs - sincerely hope rest of the family doesn't catch it and hope you both feel better asap.

    Well done on the studying although as ever a telling off for pushing yourself so hard! I hope your endeavours are appreciated.

    I have a bizarre history with lidnocaine injections having had experience of them travelling off to other sites for which they are not intended! Once after 6 injections which were intended to numb an area in the mouth for dental work to be commenced, nothing happened as usual!!! An hour after I left the dentist the whole of the left hand side of my body was suddenly paralysed for over two hours. For some reason they think that the injection had entered my central nervous system hence the paralysis. Scary but true. This is also why no one will administer steroid? injections for sites of pain in joints affected ie knees as they believe the stuff could travel off to other areas causing all sorts of problems. Lucky old me.

    Hoping that Consultant gets back from Timbucktoo (sp) soon and the results arrive. If you are anything like me by the time you get them you will forget why you went in the first place, although in saying that I think thats probably one of my peculiar personality traits, so I retract that statement! Also being a medical professional you are unlikely to forget, so please indulge me on that one....

    Well signing off beginning to think that us EDSer's share also in common a bizarre sense of humour by way of coping tactics as well as our altered collaged fibres although in the US I think that may be spelt fibers, spelling both now am not sure of either, no matter.

    I am going now before I outstay my welcome.

    gentle hugs from the UK.

  2. Your stay is always welcomed! Camp out if you need to! =) My body temperature is insanely crazy. I have the same problem with temperature regulation... Oh, here's one... My hands, like right now, it happens all the time where I will have two fingers icy cold and three are warm or even hot like you would find in arthritis! It's odd. My neuro said "well that's one I haven't heard before..." Hahaha. Oh well. Se-La-Vie ( againwith the spelling.... hehe)