Thursday, February 25, 2010


Waiting, as usual... Called the neuro today... My doc came back in town this week, was there the first of the week, but off today and tomorrow... Go figure...

I was starting to get a little worried about the disability... But then today I got in more papers to fill out, more about pain and daily functioning, and meds and seizures... Funny, I remember writing all of that in the application, but at least I know they are working on it. Patience is a virtue!

Wanna hear something cool and weird and not cool all at the same time??? Right now my right thumb is burning hot, the whole thing, but the other 4 fingers are ice cold... And on the left hand my ring finger is hot and the others are ice cold... I might pay to hear someone explain that one!!! =) go ahead, give it your best shot!

All that work paid off for school last week! 100 on a couple of assignments and a 95 on one. Excellent! And I found out that one class has no exams! YAY!!! =)

My incision is finally healing! The ends just did not want to close up. The top is closed and the bottom is almost. Ok, gotta end this entry... I just heard a kid of mine whisper, "Hey guys, I gotta idea..." That usually means trouble.......

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  1. Woohooo clever clogs you.

    The hand thing sounds nerve ipingement (sp) and neuropathic pain all mixed up together with perhaps a little Raynauds mixed in for good measure.

    Hope the Hey guys, I gotta idea.... was nothing ominious!!!

    Will catch up soon. Can't type or think too long right now. Thinking of you.

    I am running out of patience though on the results so could they hurry themselves up... please.