Monday, April 12, 2010

Cant sit up anymore...

I am trying so very hard to be positive!!! Positive!! Right? Love my kids spend time with them, help them, usher them into what God wants for them and how to live and love and do the best they can with what they were given.

I just realized that I am having a very hard time "sitting up". Posture... I used to have a good posture. Now I can hold the position for about 30 seconds before I cave in... It is such an odd feeling, fatigue, trembling in my back muscles... Not even close to what I imagined for myself right now. But, it is a season. And like all other seasons, it will come to an end one way or another.

So my symptoms have been spiraling so fast and furious lately... ears are ringing so very loud. The ol noggin is ever increasingly hard to hold up.... I know the real feeling of a "melon head..."
Sometimes I just dream back to the days when we swam across channels to get to Carrott Island and the live sanddollars and crabs and so much relaxing-forget it all- fun. Just basking in the sun on the dock reading. Loved it. Walking on Front Street in the sunset... I revel in that which God gave me... And that is something Mitochondrial Disease and EDS and Seizures and whatever else cannot take form me.

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