Friday, May 7, 2010


Even as a nurse I always hated how slow things happen in the medical world. Well this doctor has to talk to that doctor, but they have to wait until they are our of clinic and they have to talk to the therapist, and heaven forbid they make a decision together as a team in a decent amount of time... Try explaining that to anxious parents wondering why their child's legs can't move after spine surgery... I could do my part as nurse, research the symptoms, make suggestions and ideas to the physicians, take the vitals, get to know exactly what the patient feels and even push to the point of really irritating someone.... Now that I'm not in a hospital environment I hate even more how long it takes for things to get done in the clinic world... When we first started pursuing diagnoses for the kids it took their pediatrician 4 months, multiple phone calls and still, no referral that she promised... We pretty much got what we needed because I am a nurse and new some people who knew some people... Why does it have to be that way? If a doctor says we will be in contact, what does that mean? Does that mean a week, two weeks? When you call them and tell them you are not on medicaid anymore, that you have medicare? what if that takes two more months?? Don't they know that medicaid is there for a reason? That there are therapists, doctors, and even testing that can be done on medicaid?? That's why it's there... So what are they waiting for? What am I waiting for? The neuro mentioned an LP. It can be done with medicaid. What are we waiting for? I have so many things that I want to do! Things that I feel like I have to prove! WHy do I feel like I have to prove myself?? I am the one going through the crapper...... Ugh.

Sorry. Just venting...


  1. Sorry to be so mushy brained but what is an LP?

    You don't have to prove yourself, but I totally get why you feel like this.

    A virtual hug for you Trish.