Friday, June 11, 2010


The pain is stifling God, a heavy fog, no lighthouse in the distance for security.
Darkness, surrounding, smothering darkness.
Physical, emotional, aching, deep in my soul.
Questioning, tears welling, pressing pain.
Heavy, choking breath full of despair.
Uncertainty, self-conscious, lacking self-esteem.
Angry, full of contempt but branded and burning from humble fault.
All the while, knowing in the depths the fault is displaced.
The beauty turned to ashes, swirling in turmoil.
Tossed in raging seas of insecurity are my depths.
Shaking and cold.
Waiting. Just waiting.
Finding You, light in the tunnel, fog envelops me.
Fear? No.
Falling in the warmth of God, depths of His Love never ending.
Keeping me from suffocating in this place of Pain.
In You i find peace.

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