Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling the pressure-So to speak...

I had a parathyroid nuclear scan done today to see if they can spot a tumor responsible for high parathyroid hormone... It wasn't comforting that the technician kept saying "I don't understand.. why does it look like that..." or she kept getting her colleagues to look at the picture and they kept saying, "Well, have you asked David about it yet?" Not that I would know who David is, nor did she ever ask David, which didn't really bring comfort to my racing brain. So here's the likelihood: The scan was not a good image, someone screwed up the setup, and they will find nothing on it... Isn't that an encouraging reason to get injected with radiation?

Here's the next kick in the nuts, so to speak... The general surgeon couldn't see me until next Tuesday the 27th, which certainly means no surgery before my insurance runs out on the 31st............. So, still waiting to hear the results of the repeated labs, and if this scan does turn up positive I will be sitting with the thought of a tumor that is slowly eating away at my bones and making me weaker and crazier by the minute and no hope of having it removed because I have no insurance... God, I know you are bigger than this scenario. Please fix it...

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  1. Oh yuck! Maybe you could call every morning to check for cancellations.. While it does not work everywhere, soon if you are persistent enough they may have an opening or just get you in to stop your calling in! =) either way you've gotten in.

    Hope something goes your way! Best if you have no issue at all!