Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buggin' for the BodyBugg!

So I have a new toy!!! It's called the BodyBugg and it's from 24 hour fitness. Ok, let me explain. You see, I love the show "The Biggest Loser". I know it may sound cheesy, but I get inspired to change every time I watch it! =)

Change what??
1. I eat way to many carbs in the form of SUGAR!!! I love anything chocolate, but especially brownies... Mmmm... Gotta quit talking about them...

2. I DIDN'T eat hardly any vegetables. I say didn't because I made this change before I got the BodyBugg. I have made it a habit of filling myself with ones that I like (acorn squash, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli) because they are sooo low in calories!

3. I hated water. I am doing better with it and drink it regularly because I need it. What was I drinking before? Sweet tea, orange juice, etc. I didn't drink a lot of soda, but everything else I drank was full of sugar.

4. I NEVER counted anything I ate..... I would just guess, if I even bothered to do that.

5. Since my disability started, my movement, the constant motion I was in from work, was very much gone with the wind. I cleaned house, I walked every once in a while, I grocery shopped, but not a lot else. I made that change also. It's hard. The mito and fatigue and pain make it very hard, but I am determined to lose this weight and I will do whatever it takes, even if I have to push myself farther than I ever have.

My Goal?
I want to lose 52 pounds before my graduation, which is May 13th. That will put me at 150. That s a short term goal. In the long run I want to be a healthy 120ish. Healthy is a good key word.

I am learning a lot about balance. I always thought I had a good diet because I didn't eat out at fast food places a lot and I didn't eat super fatty foods like potato chips, etc. What I didn't know was that I was sabotaging all of my efforts with a terrible balance in eating. I wouldn't eat breakfast, then would snack snack snack, then eat a decent lunch, but no veggies and a lot of carbs like bread. And because that was never enough to last until dinner, I would eat a big dinner, which would sit all night long while I slept, collecting as blubber.


Ok, so on to the BodyBugg:

Setting it up was challenging for me because the USB cable they sent me wasn't working, so I couldn't get it charged up or downloaded and I didn't realize it. I finally found one of my husbands new cords and got it working great. Plus the system has a 1 year warranty, so they are going to send me another cable.

The band kind of rubs under my arm a little because the skin there is pretty fragile, but I think I will adjust to it with breaks for showering and what not. They suggest it be worn for 23 hours a day so it can accurately pick up your calories during that time. But it does say that it can be left off during sleep if necessary and the system just calculates what your average sleeping calories burned would be ad automatically includes them.

The display looks like a giant man watch. I would wear it as a clip on, but then I would be struggling to turn it to see, and I like having my calories out right up front where I can see them. It's not to bad, I just haven't worn a watch in a long time. It looks kind of like my old work watch. Memories... Anyway, it's pretty easy to use. It displays your current calories burned up front. If you want to see other data like calories burned yesterday, you just hit a series of buttons. It alarms you when certain things have been done, like you reached your activity goals for the day. Oh, and it tells time! hahaha

So far today: 1127 calories burned. I just got it set up this morning, so I wasn't wearing it when I worked out early this morning.

I am so excited to be able to see everything I am doing!!

The Apex Website:
This is where you record all of your meals and download your Body Bugg activity to. It is supposed to be easy to download with just the USB cable. I'll let you know after I do it.
It will only let you record your weight once a week, so I think I will def keep using There are parts I like about both sites. There is def way more support on Fat Secret, but the exercise log there is hard to use if your exercise just doesn't fit.
The site has you set up a "Program" with your goals like your weight loss goal, your time frame, and any muscle gain or fat loss goals you have. It won't let you go over what they call a safe amount, which for me was 3.75 pounds a week, but I know I can do better than that, so I'm not so worried about it.

I will get a 45 minute coaching session on using the BodyBugg to get the best results.
Ok, off to get busy and I will keep logging my BodyBugg Journey a little later. =)

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