Saturday, January 22, 2011

Body Bugg Burn!

So today is day 3 with my BodyBugg. I am loving it thus far.

I was right about the band on my underarm skin. It gets pretty irritated when I move around a lot. I fixed that though with a fuzzy sock between the band and the skin! I should patent that! The Fuzzy-Bugg Band for sensitive skin! =)

Yesterday I burned a little over 3800 calories! And since I only took in about 950, I had an excellent fat burning deficit! I lost another pound! Wooohooo!!!! 200.6 lbs this morning. Only 1 more pound to go and I will be under 200 for the first time in at least 3 years!!

Before the Body Bugg I could only guess at what some exercises did for burning calories.

Well, now I know!
1. Wii Free Stepper: 30 minutes at moderate steady pace= 200 calories
2. Wii Free jog at a slower pace= 150 calories
3. Wii Fit Boxing 6 minutes at a moderate pace= 70 calories
4. Wii Hula-Hoop 6 minutes at a moderate pace= 60 calories
5. Walking 2.3 miles at a brisk pace= 400 calories!! =)
6. Sweeping and Mopping the Kitchen= 75 calories
7. Laundry per load of washing drying and folding= 100 calories
8. Dishes, unload and load dishwasher= 50 calories

So there is a good start to what I do in a day, and how much it is worth.

My goal for today is at least 3500 calories burned, I am a little skeptical since I got up a little later today and the kids are home, so I can spend less time on it. Not to mention I have to get started on school for this semester.......

I have a new found love of yogurt. I used to hate yogurt, but yoplait has some really yummy flavors, and if I add in some raspberries, 1/2 a banana and some blueberries then I have breakfast for under 200 calories! Yumm!!

Ok, that's all for today.

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