Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Very symptomatic...

I'm not sure if I just over did it a bit one of the last few days or if the last couple of weeks is finally catching up to me, but I am so very symptomatic. Yesterday and today. My head is in a mess of a fog and my muscles are like jello...

Body Bugg:

I am so loving this recent investment!! It has helped me realize where I go wrong with recording nutrition, and is a must for knowing how many calories I burn in a day. I have yet to try it on a day of rest to see what my bottom minimum is.

When I weighed myself in it even took the amount of weight I lost compared to the amount of calories I burned during the week and it showed me an estimate of the actual amount of calories I took in, which was not the same as what I was recording. It's time to get a food scale....

For the first time in 3 or 4 years I am back under 200 pounds! Of course, if the wind blows the wrong way I'll be 200 again, but for now I rejoice in the smallish victory, grateful to see a 1 in front!


Now if my cravings will just go away. Speaking of, I did notice that when I got symptomatic, the cravings started up again... I was doing really good with them. I don't know what to do. I have such a desire to get it done, to do the best I can, but I don't want to accept my limitations. I don't want to be slowed down by this "suspected disease"..... I want my body to have the same drive as my mind. HELP!!!


  1. Hi long time no speak I know. If you still look at my blog on occasion you will know my inner thoughts or not as the case may be having a severe case of bloggers block.

    I note in the side bar the changes ie questionable EDS III although to be politically correct perhaps I should say questionable Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Type lol

    I just popped by to say despite my lack of words I am still following via my reader. I have no idea who a body bugg works but it sounds a positive. I am so pleased that finally your body and you and reaching nearer to harmony and that financial and other worries which so plagued you last year are not so completely and utterly overwhelming. Husbands job sounds fascinating although I can't believe he had to cut off all his hair.

    Life obviously still has considerable ups and downs but you seem so much more positive. Which with all you have to endure physically is no mean feat. Well I should be asleep the rest of the household is even the cat lying by my feet. So for now I just stopped by to say hello and good to see you blogging a little more.

    Imagine a life without pain if we all collectively imagined I wonder even for a day one of us could be without pain. One can still dream.

    Take care and hoping the children are doing ok.

  2. Hiiii Friend!!!!

    I did miss you! I fell off the "blogging wagon" for a long time during last school semester. I think I was at the peak of that "struggle mountain" and you know how that is. When you get there, it's minimum stimulus and minimum obligations or complete overwhelming!!

    Life has been very interesting. So many doctors say so many different things. I don't know what to think, except to just deal.

    My husband's job is a true blessing! As much as I miss his hair, just the peace in knowing we won't be scrounging to pay bills, much less eat, is so awesome. I've come to notice that whoever said "eating healthy is cheaper" should be flogged. It is so expensive here in the US to eat healthy.

    Anyway, I was reading your blogs and you just sound so much at the end of your rope and I really do think about you a lot. I am always praying you find some capful of inner strength left. I like talking to you. Mostly your humor! hahaha

    I wouldn't call me and my body at harmony... More like me giving in to wherever it wants to take me that day.

    Anyway, kids are begging to fill out Valentine's Day cards for school, so gotta jet. I was so happy to see your comment!!!

    Have a great night, and if not pain-free, at least at a little more peace, maybe even a crack of a smile.