Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another appointment

Well, if I had anything spectacular to say the title wouldn't say another appointment, it would say Yay for whatever...

The great news is that Kimber's EKG and Respiratory eval were normal. The doctor did everything I expected her to. Kimber had a great neurological eval with no major deficits. She has some mild hypotonia in her arms/hands that the doc picked up on, and while the doctor did not see her at her worst, at least this was acknowledged. I want to videotape her walking when she is feeling terrible to show them, since it is never at an appointment.

She is going to do some labs, but told me flat out that she didn't expect them to come back abnormal. I guess I should be thankful for brute honesty instead of masked false sense of hope. My neuro never did blood levels of things like lactate and pyruvate. She id urine organic acids, but not serum. If something comes back abnormal on Kimber, that might give them an idea of where to go for me with those types of labs, but I know the elusive nature of these things, and when you are feeling good, of course your labs are most likely going to come back normal....

So I am thankful that I took a step back and took hold of those emotions before allowing this appointment to completely bring me down. I will be grateful for whatever God gives me and move on with what I have until something new happens or is found.


Later tonight.... =(
So it has taken me 4 weeks (app) to get to where I was when it took me almost a year the first time.... I feel confused. I don't understand what is going on, and I hate not understanding. Time to get supplements on board again, no wait, the time for that has already passed. Just going to have to deal with this until they get back on board and hopefully start working again.

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