Saturday, March 19, 2011

Descriptive relief

How do I describe it?

My legs are heavy like wet sandbags after a hurricane.
Walking is like pulling my leg out of knee deep mud in Core Sound.
Thinking is like driving through the thickest misty fog.
Breathing requires thought and planning, forgetting is devastating.
Muscles twitch and nerves fire like the bursting finale of the Atlantic Beach 4th of July Fireworks.
The backs of my arms burn like Carrot Island during the fireworks show every year, expectant and spreading uncontrollable despite best efforts.
The ringing in my left ear keeps fading in and out like my grandmothers old rotary phone, so loud that it drowns everything else out.
Muscles are clamping down like the scallop that was just plucked from it's comfort zone.
Staring off into faded non-distinguishable dimensions, powerless to look away but painfully aware of everything.
Nausea rushing in like the tide, choppy waves just before a storm.
Weariness like the weathered soul that withstood one to many nor'easterns at sea.
Fatigue like the tree that topples from the pressure of the 150 mi/hr winds.
Being pelted daily with this onslaught of symptoms like the torrential downpours just before the eye of the storm.

Ugh. I used to be so good at creative descriptive writing. My brain is like mush.

1 comment:

  1. No mush brain as far as your descriptive writing is concerned! I could "feel" everyone of your symptoms just from reading your post.

    You are not carrying this cross alone. The good Lord is suffering right along side you. Every time you fall He is there to pick you back up and to comfort you. And He will send you a Simon of Cyrene when things get really difficult.