Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen RE-start Your Engines!!

I restarted the supplements today. We got in Kimber's order, which is less of a dose than mine, but I ordered lots extra for her, so I started on a smaller dose for now until mine comes in. I think the ever looming thought of school papers pushed me to the edge of losing patience for my own supply to arrive. One more week and I will be back on my own dose and she will be on her own dose and we will hopefully be back in the race, or at least on our way out of the pit stop... It's a process, I know.

And, I know God was looking out for me and heard my anxious cries because today my professor extended the due date for the paper by 3 days! Yay! So now I have a little more time to factor in terrible feeling nights like last night. I did get a little school work done today, which brought some peace to that area of my brain. Now if I could just wrap my brain around those papers. It is so hard to get started, or restarted on them. It's like I have to dredge through knee deep swamp mud then hurdle a 6 foot wall and after that it's smooth sailing to the end of the paper.... Ha. Now to tackle the muddy swamp...

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