Monday, March 28, 2011

What's a girl to do?

Oh boy.

I have so much school work due. Big project/paper type school work...

Every night that passes and I haven't worked on it feels one step closer to failure. Not failure by normal standards, but by my own of course.

Tonight my hands and arms are very weak. Typing is hard, my forearms hurt like crazy. My neck/shoulder is twitching some kind of mad. My head feels full, and I keep getting lost, confused.

I can't even imagine trying to do school work right now. I can't even remember what I ate today, much less be able to write a scholarly research paper on minimizing reality shock in the new graduate nurse orientee. Man, I can't even remember the title right... Arg!!!! I am feeling highly frustrated at this moment at the thought of last minute shoddy work because my brain is mush. That's right. You ever see tapioca pudding? Well, that's my brain right now.

I'm even afraid to pick up my new phone because my hands are so weak. I can hardly grip the mouse, so I can imagine my shiny new phone hitting the floor and meeting it's doom...

Sorry. I am ranting and raving. Mostly because I am procrastinating trying to start on these papers because I know I can't functionally do it right now. Only I don't know when I will be able to because it has been this way for days. It's easy to regurgitate information. But I have to make this mine, only mine will be a jumbled bunch of mess. Kind of like this post...

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