Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pin Cushion

WHy do they call it pins and needles? Sure, it feels like sharp little stabbing shooting sensations, like a firecracker under my skin. I guess if pop rocks were under your skin this might be what it feels like! hahaha. I LOVE pop rocks!!

I wonder who coined that term "pins and meedles" and if they got the due credit for the widely used verbage! Oh, and can we find a good short term for the pulsating tingly wispy crawly feelings? Because that is a bit long and inconvienant. OOOh! I know. How about the


That's it. Perfect!

God, help me to be patient and wait for You! Because it hurts and tingles and goes numb and I feel like I'm gonna fall, and I'm exhausted. Help me to lose weight too. This weight is not helping me...

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