Saturday, October 17, 2009

Driving under the influence...of seizures...

So I found out today... that driving becomes illegal for those who have seizures. You are supposed to wait six months before driving again and be cleared by a doctor... I'm thinking this was an isolated event. I'm praying it anyway. Not be able to drive? Really? Of course reasoning comes to be understandable... Would I want to drive behind someone who has seizures? Probably not. I don't know what to think... A positive EEG would prove that these events are seizures, and that I do need the surgery, but it would also be a bad thing for my livlihood. Not that my livlihood is doing all that great right now. I honestly don't think I should be at work... What would I think if it were my child, just having had spine surgery, and know that the nurse is like I am.... I would feel for that nurse, I obviously would understand, but would I really want her taking care of my kiddo? How are we supposed to get by God if I can't work?? What if they pull me aside one day and say that I have to go on leave until this is better??? Or even worse... No, I won't even think it. That's what I have been doing. Ignoring the possibility instead of working on the solution. It may be easier on the day to day run, avoiding arguments and stress on that end, but I am not doing ok. No. I am not doing ok.

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