Thursday, October 15, 2009

A True Gem!

I must say, I have not known my doctor very long, but in this short time I can say that she is truly a gem. She is so caring and understanding.

I finally decided to call her today about the seizure. She was so on top of everything! She had already gotten some of my records and gone through them and was deciding on a good plan.

So, the plan so far is: lets get an upright MRI of head and neck, and a prone MRI (laying on your stomach) to check out the tethered spinal cord. An EEG to check for seizure activity, an EMG to check nerve conduction to my legs, and a DEXA scan to check out my bone density... And a new neurologist; one that she knows and will sit down with ahead of time to explain the situation and findings so hopefully I won't get the run around again...

I feel good about this. I am nervous. I know of people who have normal EEG's and EMG's, but still had symptoms and still improved with surgery. So I will wait and trust in God that everything they see is everything He wants them to see.

Brandon Heath's song Saviour Please: "I am learning to believe that I don't have to prove a thing because You're the One who's saving me..." Check out my facebook profile if you want to hear the song, or you can youtube it, that's where I found it. =) It is an inspiring song for those who are tired, burdened and burnt out.

My MRI's are Monday!! =) I am excited and scared, but God has a reason for everything, and He brought me to Dr. Olney for a reason, and He will be there for me and see me through this trial until the end.

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