Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why should I expect any different?

God gave em the oppertunity to have an upright MRI that many people never get! It's a real blessing for the doctors to be able to see what is going on when I am up. But, of course I don't knwo why I expected much different from the radiology report than the last time? Dr. Olney emailed me the results. The radiologist said I have a small disc bulge in the C-spine and two large bulges, one with desiccation (decreased amount of fluid in the disc) and facet arthropathy (arthritis) in the lumbar spine. Nothing about a tethered cord, so whether the urinary/numbness issues are from the disc bulges or from a tethered cord is still up in the air. Nothing about the odontoid, or brainstem compression or chiari...

So, Dr. Olney wants me to take the films to the neurologist she found and then maybe TCI, and we'll see after that. The radiologist did pick up on the sinus infection (you go...). The sad part is that Dr. Olney sent the radiology center a letter describing what was going on and asking the radiologist to look for specific stuff. Now maybe that part got forgotten when it was read, but it is sad that it wasn't even addressed.

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