Friday, October 23, 2009

It always comes in 3's right?

Wow. What a week. Thank you God for your love and for just being there for me, even through other people.

Yesterday I had 3 seizures. 2 at work and one in the ER that work made me go to... I was grateful to have friends that are excellent nurses there with me. My boss (God bless her) stayed with me at the ER from 2-5. I think she has seen more of my skin than any boss should ever be forced to see!!! Thanks so much Darlene! I don't remember too much, bits and pieces. The ER doctor was awesome! He was very personable and down to earth and sat down to explain everything to me and get to know everything going on with me before the seizures. He said he thinks I had Petit Mal Seizures (otherwise called absence seizures). But, alas they are just an ER, so no EEG like my doc had hoped. haha. They loaded me full of ativan and cerebyx (both for seizures) and did a CT to make sure it wasn't something else and then sent me home about 6 pm. I feel very different than I did before the seizures. Before them I was actually feeling ok. My hearing changed. I can't comprehend more than one talking at a time. The rest sound like a dull roar. My eyes are constantly doing the criss-crossing and blurring and my head feels full, like it did before the seizures. It feels like I could have one at any minute... My stomach is sick from the meds. Speech? Good at best if I can actually get all the words out in the right order and coherent... I need to be sleeping... Bad me....

The doc said that as long as on Wednesday my Dilantin levels came back in the therapeutic range that I could start driving and working again. I haven't told my boss that yet... I wonder what she'll say since she saw it all...
Neurology appt Nov 9th
Follow up with Dr Olney next Wednesday.
Paper for school due Sunday (haven't written yet...wonder how that will read...) hahahaha

Ok. Now off to bed because i had to read over this 3 times to check spelling and words and they were all wrong....

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