Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling ok right now...

I just want to make a post that is positive! Everything I have posted lately has been a negative reflection of how I feel or the situation I seem to be in... But, right now I feel ok! Not great, but ok. All my kids are in bed, my head is tolerable, the fuzz is minimal. And it feels great to have people that understand how I feel! Because apparently everything I feel, the sensory overload and pain and what not is not normal. And I am so happy to have been given people who understand and have walked in the steps and can give me advice and pray for me. It feels good.

I was supposed to volunteer for the Special Olympics bowling tournament as a nurse on November 9th. My boss took me off. Disappointing. But, understandable.

I have an amazing instructor at TWU! So understandable! She gave me an extension for my paper.

Anyway, I miss the beach. SO, I am gonna give you a picture of what I miss! =) night!


  1. Ooh Trish simply beautiful beach pictures. I am rubbish at visualising for pain relief and hope you don't mind but am going to pinch the bottom left one to place in my mind - for a stress relieving image. No wonder you miss the beach - such a calming influence. I am pleased the kids sleep and you are 'ok'. I hope tomorrow and then tomorrow again are 'ok' and more. Take care.

  2. My husband took these pictures. He's great at capturing everything I love about the east coast! Thanks for your encouragement!