Thursday, October 1, 2009

God is amazing!

God is so perfect about pulling it all together just how you need it and just when you need it!

I saw a new doctor today! Dr. Bonnie Olney. Thank You God for putting her in my path!!!! What can I say? She knew the symptoms before I could even get them out of my mouth! Not only is she familiar with EDS, but she has other pts with craniocervical instability, tethered cord, and that have been to the Chiari Institute!!!! So what did she say? There was so much! She spent 2 hours talking to me! wow...

1- She thinks I am a perfect candidate for the cervical fusion and she thinks it will really help my functionality!!

2- She is going to find a neurosurgeon close by to do the tethered cord release!!
There's no telling how long it will take to work it out, but GOd will work it all out!
3- Inversion table to help relieve pressure from nerves (she even gave me directions for Eric to build one!!)
4- Weight loss, we worked on slow diet changes.
5- She confirmed the facial palsy, from nerve compression, and that it starting this week is a sign of things getting worse, precipitating a need for surgery.

Anyway, I really can't summarize a two hour conversation, but it felt productive. I feel like there was a huge boulder lifted. She totally took over this role of advocate that I have been struggling with for months! It was like God held her hands and said, "let me take this burden from you and help you figure this all out!"

I'm not saying she is my answer, no, God is my answer. But God put her there for a reason, and I feel so good about today's appt! She understood! She really understood!

Oh, and she said her other patient found a neuro eye doctor that understood the bright lights and flashes and trouble seeing and she made suggestions for me and then is going to get that name. Yay!!

Anyway, in a nutshell it was a great appt with God's hands perfectly placed and I am more hopeful than I have been in a couple of months!

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