Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sabotaged by Muddy Monsters!!!

It's only on the days that I feel at my worst that my kids decide to build mud castles, create mud ponds and turn my son into the mud monster...

You should have seen him! Only now when he's sleeping and my brain is functioning a little more do I realize that I should have taken pictures of his hilarious face!! =) Oh well.

The footprints through the kitchen; globs of mud on the door knobs... Ah well. I spent the morning doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen because I felt well enough to, only to be sabotaged by my little mud monsters!!

I hate using the term "sick" or "chronically ill". I may feel not myself, very much not myself, but I don't want to be labeled like that.

I found some pictures of "the old days". It's comical. I look nothing like those times!!! Crazy. If we had a reunion, I wouldn't go. I would much rather be remembered like that than like this!!! My husband and I were dating then! =) I love to reminisce! I found some old letters he wrote to me during some times apart. It's amazing! Anyway, enjoy the pictures while I go scrub down muddy prints off the kitchen walls... Has anyone ever seen Incino Man? Old movie with Brendon Frasier? Well, my kitchen is like a scene from that movie with the red mud prints and cave man drawings! =)

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